How It Works


  • You can place a bid on a team by entering a bid amount 
  • Or, if available, you can select to buy-it-now for the full ask price

If you win an auction, you have 24 hours to ‘claim your team’ via email or in-app notification. You will be directed to to process your payment and begin the transfer of your new team.


Your payment will include:

  • Total team price (your winning bid or buy-it-now price)
  • League deposit (see below for FFPC deposit requirements)
  • Transfer fees (see the fees section for details)


Team transfer will occur once payment processing is completed by FFPC (within 24 hours). The team will be transferred by FFPC and will appear automatically in your FFPC account, as well as in the Teams for Sale section of your Dynasty Depot account.


  • Select a team to sell from Your Teams
  • Set up auction parameters, including:
    • Reserve price
    • Buy-it-now price 

When your auction goes live, the $5 refundable listing fee will be charged to your payment on file. If it fails, you will be asked to enter a new credit card.


FFPC will lock your team, so no roster changes can be made until the auction ends or is cancelled. If the auction ends with a buy claiming the team, the proceeds (sell price + league deposit value + refundable listing fee less applicable Dynasty Depot transfer fees) will be deposited into your FFPC account within 24 hours.


If the auction ends without a sell, the roster lock is removed and the listing fee is forfeited.


To be a member of Dynasty Depot, you will also have and maintain a member account. You agree to their Terms and Conditions.


Actions taken on may affect your FFPC account capabilities or access.
These can include:

  • Roster locks during an active auction
  • Team unavailability during an ownership transfer
  • Account verification or Single Sign-On requests


Hundreds of teams each year are abandoned by their owners. More than 40% of these teams are solid, competitive, good teams. Others have potential, and are just waiting for a draft-savvy owner to make them competitive. 


So, when an owner wants to walk away, change leagues, or just take a break, Dynasty Depot gives them an option to make their money back — or more. Get back what you put in.


And buyers get a chance to buy a good drafted team and immediately have an opportunity to compete. Injury ruin your last season? Want a specific player? Find it, anytime on Dynasty Depot.


Dynasty Depot does not charge deposits. Deposit fees shown during the claiming of a sold team is per FFPC league rules. The full Deposit statement from FFPC is below:

New owners must pay a deposit when registering for a dynasty team. Deposits for each dynasty league are as follows:

$77 leagues – see below for deposit details
$100 leagues – $100 deposit
$250 leagues – $150 deposit
$500 leagues – $300 deposit
$750 leagues – $500 deposit
$1,250 leagues – $750 deposit
$2,500 leagues – $1,500 deposit
$5,000 leagues – $3,000 deposit

This is a one-time deposit payable upon initial registration. In subsequent years, only the league entry fee is due.

Subsequently, the following year’s $77 renewal fee must be paid one year in advance. This $77 team renewal payment schedule will continue in perpetuity as long as a team owner wishes to continue owning his or her team. Should the owner decide not to pay the $77 renewal fee for the following year, he or she will immediately forfeit ownership of his or her team, with no refunds issued.

Note: Leagues created in 2021 or earlier may have lower deposits.


Dynasty Depot charges a 10% transaction fee, paid by both the Buyer and Seller at the time of team purchase.

This transaction fee is non-refundable and based on the sell/purchase price of the team. As an example, for a team that sells for $100, the Buyer will be charged $110 for the team price, plus applicable FFPC deposits. The Seller will have their transaction fee subtracted from the total net profit; therefore, in this example, the Seller will have $90 deposited into their FFPC account.

There is also a refundable $5 listing fee paid only by the Seller, charged at the time of listing a team for sale. This fee is intended to encourage reasonable pricing of teams and will be refunded and added to the total deposit amount once a team is sold.

Every Seller has the option to promote a team for sale to the home page “Hot Box” section. This section will contain a scrollable list of the most desirable teams for sale on the site. To promote a team to the Hot Box, the Seller will select this option at the time of listing, and a $5 fee will be collected. In exchange, their team will be featured in the Hot Box for the first 24 hours of sale. If a Dynasty Depot Member has Hot Box credits as part of their membership package, they can choose to redeem these free listings at anytime during their year of membership, on whatever teams they choose. No refunds available.